364B Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP, Tel: 0114 267 8222
364B Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP, Tel: 0114 267 8222
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Ajanta, the Caves, the Restaurant and Ajanta herself

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Photos of the Ajanta caves at Ajanta's Restaurant

We spent New Year at the Ajanta caves in central India, spectacular ancient caves cut out of the cliff face about 2000 years ago to create Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples.

About a month ago, back in Sheffield, I came across a new Indian vegetarian restaurant called Ajanta's run by Declan and his daughter Ajanta. They cook high quality traditional Indian food based on Ajanta's mother's recipes - including chana, dhal, vegetable dishes and pickles along with naan and rice. Keep is simple and do it well is their philosophy.

Ajanta's Restaurant exterior

Ajanta's Restaurant is at 430 Abbeydale Road S7 1FQ, near the junction with Broadfield Road and they're open everyday except Sunday - Declan and I share the belief that one day should be kept sacred. Call 078737775314 to check each day's open hours and make reservations.

Photos of the Ajanta caves in Ajanta's restaurant

Ajanta's front of house and Dermot's in the kitchen - except when he's not out front philosophising, you'll never be short of conversation at Ajanta's. Dermot's enthusiasm for their food is only matched by his friendliness, good nature and enthusiasm for life and conversation.

Ajanta at Ajanta's restaurant

I knew straight away that I wanted to hang my photos of the Ajanta caves here, they needed something appropriate for the walls and it seems like a perfect match - Ajanta front of house surrounded by photos of the Ajanta caves in a restaurant called Ajanta's.

Ajanta caves

We'll rotate some of my other photos on their other walls. At the moment there's a couple of photos from a series called Night-time in Ahmedabad plus a photo of Sajdarjung's tomb in Delhi and the inverted pyramidal stepwell at Abhaneri which is part of my collection of Subterranean Architecture photos of India.

Abhaneri Stepwell in Rajasthan

On the long wall over the stairs is a giant banner showing the Rani ki Vaav stepwell at Patan in Gujarat. Built about a thousand years ago but hidden for centuries after the local river changed course and flooded the well with water and silt until it's excavation was started in 1958. Restoration took 30 years; I took this photo earlier this year.

Rani ki Vav stepwell at Patan, Gujarat

The Rani ki Vaav is the mother of all stepwells, not only is it huge, almost all interior surface is covered with over 1500 stunning carved stone figures kept in good condition by the silt.

Hope to see you at Ajanta's, follow them on Facebook at Ajanta's vegetarian and on Instagram @ajantasvegetarian.

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