Pink & Blue Striped Tibetan Blankets

Pink & Blue Striped Tibetan Blanket

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Soft, warm Tibetan blankets in stripes of pink & blue.

One side is slightly plainer than the other; the border on one side is the major part of the reverse side.

'Tibetan yak wool' blankets like these are sold in all the Himalayan trading towns from Lhasa to Kathmandu to Leh. The blankets are reversible.

The only thing is that they're neither Tibetan nor yak wool but Indian acrylic! Don't be put off, they're delightful, warm, soft and vibrant and ideal for meditation, campfire evenings or an extra layer on the bed in autumn. And they're machine washable - cool temperature.

We buy a new one whenever we go trekking in the mountains of northern India, Nepal or Tibet - where we wouldn't be without one for the cold evenings!

Actual colour & pattern may vary slightly from the example shown.

Dimensions: 200x100cm

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