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Padmasambhava at Chemre Monastery | Photos of Ladakh

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Photo of a statue of Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, at Chemre monastery in Ladakh.

This statue of Padmasambhava at Chemre is found in a large prayer room called the Guru Lakhang in the upper level of Chemre monastery. The statue fills the end wall of the prayer hall. I particularly like the wide open, clear seeing eyes, the encouraging smile and the sense of a bemused frown on the forehead.

Chemre, a monastery in the Drukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, is in the same valley at Tak Thok where this other photo of Padmasambhava was taken.

In Ladakh and Tibet, Padmasambhava is known as Guru Rinpoche and the temples dedicated to Padmasambhava are labelled Guru Lhakhang. In the museum at Chemre we came across an old statue of Padmasambhava with these verses:

"When you face the bad times of the dark age,
Every day and night, I will come to you,
Riding the rays of the sun".   Guru Padmasambhava

Photo by Silk Road Gallery director Peter Bennion, 2022.

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