Dholpur Baoli 2, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos
Dholpur Baoli 2, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos

Dholpur Baoli 1, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photo

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A photo of the balconies of the circular well shaft at the Dholpur Baoli stepwell in Rajasthan.

Halfway between Agra and Gwalior - where we'd been to see the rock cut Jain statues - is the small town of Dholpur. The centre of town was crowded with the day's market; we followed directions down narrow lanes to this exquisite stepwell with two separate but connected parts.

The circular well shaft has two storeys of carved balconies and a partly submerged  lower arch which connects through to the sloping steps with pillared colonnades.

The image is a composite of two photos taken with a full frame camera and can be printed up to 44" wide with no loss of detail.

Format and sizes: Square

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