Dholpur Baoli 2, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos
Dholpur Baoli 2, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos 1

Dholpur Baoli 2, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos

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A photo of the steps and colonnades at the Dholpur Baoli stepwell in Rajasthan.

Another view of the beautiful Baoli, or stepwell, at Dholpur. There are two parts to this lovely well: a circular well shaft with two storeys of carved balconies and a long straight series of descending steps.

This photo is taken from the steps and shows the colonnades and a view to the exterior of the circular well balconies beyond.
You can also see that the steps descend to at least one lower level of arched colonnades. Below that there will also be a tunnel to connect both parts of the well so the water level is the same in both sections.

Square format.

The image is a composite of four photos taken with a full frame camera and can be printed up to 44" wide with no loss of detail.

Contact us for details of other sizes.


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