Kandahar Carved Indian Bed
Kandahar Carved Indian Bed

Kandahar Carved Indian Bed

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The Kandahar is a Indian sheshamwood bed inspired by designs from the valleys of the Hindu Kush.

The intricate hand carved sheshamwood frame evokes images of life in another time and place.

The design on the legs is taken from the design on the legs of an old chair from Nuristan, Afghanistan. Nuristan was the last region of Afghanistan to be converted to Islam - in the late 19th century. Prior to that it was known as Karifistan, the land of the unbeliever. Nuristan translates as the land of light.

Nuristan is a mountainous forested region where the wooden houses are piled on top of each other on the hillsides. The animist carvings and representations of people that covered every surface were banned when Kafiristan was converted to Islam.

The carved design on the legs of the our chair, which we copied on the Kandahar bed legs, suggests a clever way to create a geometric pattern that, looked at in a certain way, is actually a representation of a human head shoulders and upper arms. 

Shown with a mirrored Taj bedspread.

Approx assembly time: 30 minutes

Height to top of to of bed slats 38cm
Double size for a mattress 135x190cm

For mattresses we recommend the Natural Bed Company.

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