Photo of the Kund ke Balaji stepwell, Toonga, Rajasthan, detail.
Photo of the Kund ke Balaji stepwell, Toonga, Rajasthan.

Kund ke Balaji, Toonga, Rajasthan | Stepwell Photos

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A photo of the Painted Kund ke Balaji stepwell at Toonga, a small town near Jaipur.

I love the colours of this stepwell with its geometric form. It had recently been repainted - a photo from two years earlier shows it with streaky dark blue walls and unpainted steps. 
Long strings of marigolds hang from the overhanging trees.

A very loud man alternated between shouting on his phone and trying to get us to attend a wedding ceremony the following day in Jaipur. Very kind but I suspected we'd be there as the novelty act, an Englishman and a young female guide from Ladakh.

Square format - but email us if you'd prefer the portrait format.

What is a stepwell? Read our blog to find out.
And read more about the day we arrived at Toonga and visited this well.

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