Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense - Small
Lama Chodpa incense instructions
Lama Chodpa incense instructions

Two Packs of Lama Chodpa Tibetan Incense

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Lama Chodpa Relaxation Tibetan incense has a lighter fragrance than most other Tibetan incense.

Two pack: this tube is wrapped with attractive hand made paper and closed with a wax seal. The tube also contains a printed paper scroll about the incense and how to use it, written in English.

There are brief instructions for its use in visualisation, purification, dedication and other practices.

Listed ingredients include two types of cardamon, lupulus flower, nutmeg, camphor, clove, saffron, cinnamon, rose and other precious substances!

The price is for 2 tubes. The sticks are 12cm long. Each box contains 20 sticks.

Also available in a longer tube.

Tube size 14x4cm.

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