Satin Printed Scarf - Silver and Blue

Hand Printed Satin Scarf - Silver and Blue

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A silver & blue soft satin scarf with an Ajrakh print.

This scarf is hand block printed in the Ajrakh style on a soft silk modal material.
Silk modal is a satin finished cellulose fabric similar to rayon made from tree pulp. The print and satin finish is on one side.

Ajrakh is an ancient printing technique found in the desert regions of Gujarat and Sind (in India and Pakistan). 5000 year old remnants of Ajrakh printed cotton have been found near Harappa in the ancient Indus valley civilisation in present day Sind.

These scarves are made by a co-operative in the Indian town of Barmer, near the border with Sind, using traditional carved wooden printing blocks.

Dimensions: 220x555cm

Dry clean.

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