Ratba Vav stepwell at Rampura, Gujarat, portrait
Ratba Vav stepwell at Rampura, Gujarat

Ratba Vav Stepwell at Rampara in Gujarat | Stepwell Photos

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Looking through a series of beautiful stone archways at the Ratba Vav stepwell, Rampara.

We were staying near to Rampura but almost missed seeing the Ratba Vav stepwell because our host made it sound not very interesting. We went anyway, and what a treat! A delightful well at the side of a dusty road that descends over five levels with five pyramidal cupolas over the platforms that give you places to rest between the steps.

The stone has lovely variations in colour, the well shaft itself has beautiful curved stonework above the bedrock at the bottom of the well itself. Two carved stone Nandi bulls were placed at the very bottom of the well as offerings.

There's a small shrine at the top of the well and local people were building a large bamboo covered courtyard that would be used for festivals. We were delighted to see this well still at the heart of the community.

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