Thick Nepalese Blanket, Black

Thick Nepalese Blanket, Black & Purple

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Soft, warm Nepalese blankets for a winter's night.

One side is mostly plain black except for the border in a purplish blue striated colour. The colours are in the opposite place on the reverse side.

Thicker and larger than the so called 'Tibetan yak wool' blankets sold in all the Himalayan markets towns from Tibet to India.

They're reversible, the colours are the same but the balance is different on the other side. Less stripey than the Tibetan blankets, one side has a plain colour central panel.

Actually they're neither Tibetan nor yak wool but Indian acrylic which means they're soft and warm, lightweight and machine washable. Ideal for meditation, campfire evenings or an extra layer on the bed in autumn.
Machine wash at a cool temperature.

Dimensions: 220x110cm

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