Three Green Tara Statues, Ellora Caves
Three Green Tara Statues, Ellora Caves

Three Green Tara Statues | Photos of Ellora Caves, India

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A photo of three ancient Green Tara statues at the Ellora caves. 

Our notes don't enable us to determine which cave these Green Tara statues were in but they make a beautiful image. Each is holding a lotus branch in the left hand, the right leg is stepping out into the world with her foot resting on a lotus flower.

The caves at Ellora were carved over several centuries, some are purely Buddhist in content, others Hindu and Jain. 

Around Cave 11 they start to be a mix of both traditions and the female figures at the entrance to cave 11 are from the Hindu tradition. The tall image facing the camera is Ganga (name related to the Ganges) who's devotees believe that bathing in the holy river will wash away sin and negativity.

We've put a black frame around the image as a presentation suggestion. The prints are supplied without a border.

Landscape format.

Photo taken by Bev Bennion.

A guide to approx sizes
A3: paper size 42x29.7cm, image size 40x28cm
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