Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Singing bowls hand made in Nepal from a metal alloy containing 5 different metals.

These bowls are made by the traditional method of hammering the metal around a wooden former. Each bowl is supplied with a wooden mallet.

In the West we tend to call them singing bowls but locally they're regarded as healing bowls and used in traditional Tibetan medicine to help cure various ailments. The size and composition of the bowl will determine it's fundamental frequency of vibration and the accompanying overtones.

There are two ways to use a singing bowl, for example at the start or end of a meditation session you may strike the bowl with the wooden mallet. You can also stroke the mallet in a circular motion round the rim of the bowl to produce a ringing note that increases in intensity.

Place some water in a singing bowl and stroke the mallet around the rim of the bowl and the water will jump and bubble. Read our blog about singing bowls.

In medicinal use a healing bowl of a selected frequency will be placed on the head, stomach, back or wherever needed to have a healing effect. When the bowls are carefully selected by a Tibetan doctor the vibrations can be felt very strongly.

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