Vintage Lassi Cups
Vintage Metal Lassi Cups from India detail
Vintage Metal Lassi Cups from India

Vintage Metal Lassi Cups from India

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These unique lassi cups make wonderful small vases.

Among our favourite items in the gallery these lassi cups are made from nickel plated spun brass. They're decorated with individual designs produced by etching or engraving the metal.

Lassi is the refreshing buttermilk drink that brings relief on a hot day, with mango or banana it's one of the delights of India. Banana lassi? Mango lassi? It's hard to choose.

Outside the gate to the Fort at Jaiselmer in Rajasthan you can buy a Bhang lassi from one of only four licensed Bhang lassi sellers in India. Bhang is a potent type of cannabis - buyer beware!
25 years ago, eating dinner in the cafe across the road from the stall, I realised that The Grateful Dead on the cafe hifi were sounding more than usually sublime. I guess slipping bhang into the food encourages people to keep returning.

These days lassi cups are rarely used as an everyday item in India where they've been replaced by plastic. But you might find them in stylish interior shops or when the upmarket hotel welcomes you with a cool drink.

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Dimensions: Height approx 12-16cm, diameter 7-9cm.

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