Tibetan Nagchampa Incense

Tibetan Nagchampa Incense, Two Tubes

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Nagchampa is a strong, rich, aromatic incense. Pack of two.

It is claimed that Nagchampa is the most popular incense in the world. It's a complex, exotic aroma - India in an incense stick! Less woody than most Tibetan incense, this Tibetan style version of Nagchampa is less harsh than many of the Indian varieties but retains all the beauty of those more familiar versions. A great present for those who burn only Nagchampa.

The label claims that it will give relief from headaches, rheumatism, gout, gastric and urinary problems, that it will cool the eyes and activate the brain.

Tibetan Nagchampa Incense dimensions: two tubes of 30 thick sticks, length 11cm, burn time approx 1 hour each.

Includes a small incense holder.

Made in Nepal.

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