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Musicians at Karsha Monastery | Photos of Ladakh

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A photograph of two musicians playing drums at Karsha Monastery in Zanskar.

In 2008 we arrived at Karsha Monastery the day before the mask dance festival. This was the day the monks prepared for the festival and we were treated to the rehearsals of music and dance.

The monks were dressed in their everyday robes and we were the only visitors; the following day their expressions would be hidden by elaborate masks, and they would be wearing rich brocade costumes as they enacted traditional stories from the life of the Buddha and the triumph of liberation from worldly concerns. Karsha is the largest monastery in Zanskar and the monastery would be packed with villagers from the surrounding valleys of Zanskar and Ladakh.

Here's a beautiful photo of Karsha monastery.

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Photo by Silk Road Gallery director Peter Bennion, 2012.



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