Agarwood Tibetan Incense
Juniper Burners at Samye Monastery

Ancient Juniper Tibetan Incense, 2 Tubes

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Juniper leaves burn with one of the most delightful fragrant aromas. Pack of two tubes.

The label tells us that juniper has been used to ward off contagious deseases, witches & demons; it clears and strengthens the nerves, purifies the atmosphere & has a calming effect on the overstressed.

It is important in the religious life of Tibet and large incense burners could be found outside monasteries. The photo was taken at Samye monastery in Tibet where could buy bunches of juniper to burn inside the giant incense burners.

In Tibet it is an important part of Buddhist ritual where you would purify the air and yourself before entering the monastery. As part of the Chinese effort to destroy Buddhist practice in Tibet the practice of burning juniper was banned outside the Jokhang temple in Lhasa in November 2020.

Supplied in a green & rust rice paper covered tube printed with a juniper branch: contains 30 thick sticks, length 11cm, burn time approx 1 hour each.

Pack of two; Includes a small incense holder.

Made in Nepal.

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