Buddhas at the entrance to cave 19, Ajanta

Buddha Statues at Ajanta Cave 9 | Photos of India

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A photo of the Buddha statues carved into the rock face outside Cave 9 at the ancient Ajanta caves in India.

These statues of the Buddha stand at the porch entrance to cave 9 at Ajanta. The cave dates from 1st century BCE but the statues were added in the 5th century CE. There are a total of 30 caves in Ajanta containing paintings and carvings depicting incidents from the life of the Buddha.

They were carved out of the hillside by hand using only hammers and chisels.
The Ajanta caves were abandoned 1500 years ago and unknown for more than 1,000 years until 1919 when they were discovered by John Smith, a young British cavalry officer.

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