Seated Buddha on Throne, Cave 10, Ellora

Seated Buddha in Cave 10 | Photos of Ellora Caves, India

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This rock cut statue of the Buddha with teaching mudra seated on a throne is in the stunning Cave 10 at Ellora.

Cave 10, one of the most spectacular caves at Ellora, is known as the Vishvakarma Cave or alternatively as the Carpenter's Cave because the domed ceiling has been carved to look like wooden beams. The cave is a worship hall. The Buddha is flanked by two standing Bodhisattvas. Built in 650CE.

A convention for the Future Buddha, Maitreya, is that he is shown with the teaching mudra and seated on a throne (rather than cross legged on the floor) so this image is probably that of Maitreya, the Buddha yet to be.

We've put a black frame around the image as a presentation suggestion. The prints are supplied without a border.

Portrait format.

A guide to approx sizes
A3: paper size 42x29.7cm, image size 40x28cm
A2: paper size 59.4x42cm, image size 57x40cm

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