Photo of an old man at Lake Sarovar, Tibet, detail
Photo of an old man at Lake Sarovar, Tibet

Old Man at the Edge of Lake Manosarovar | Photos of Tibet

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A photo of an old man sitting on the shore of Lake Manosarovar near Seralung Monastery, Tibet.

Lake Manosarovar is a lake near Mt Kailash that's holy to Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and practitioners of the ancient Bon tradition. We went back to Mansarovar to visit the beautiful Seralung monastery after completing the pilgrimage around Mt Kailash in 2014.

This old man sat by the lake passing rice grains, one at a time, from a pouch into the cup and then discarding them onto the ground. I had the feeling he would be there every day. A few metres away a bent old woman hobbled round a stupa draped with prayer flags on top of a small hill  and then ritually bowed towards the monastery. Maybe she was his wife.

Lake Manosarovar is a freshwater lake at just over 15,000 feet fed by meltwater from the Kailash glaciers. The mountain in the photograph is the 25,000 foot Gurla Mandhata.

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