Pinnacle Camp, Sumdo near Nierak, Zanskar
Pinnacle Camp, Sumdo near Nierak, Zanskar 1

Pinnacle Camp, Sumdo near Nierak, Zanskar

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A photo of Pinnacle camp at Sumdo on the trek from Zangla to Nierak in Zanskar.

Although a place of astonishing beauty this place has no name other than Sumdo, a word meaning the junction of two streams. We’ve camped by many sumdos. You can see our tents in the bottom left.

We take half a dozen horses to carry the tents and food and at night they roam the hillsides for food and water. The pony men start to gather them in at about 4 in the morning.

On our last visit here they couldn’t be found. Eventually the pony men found their trail, the horses had retraced the previous days walk back to the Zanskar valley. Pony men are the toughest; they need to be. They had a long run up to yesterday’s pass then a steep 1000 metres descent down the canyon, eventually gathered the horses and returned by noon. Ready for another day’s trek.

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