Stupa and Indigo Sky at Darchen, Tibet

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This dramatic photo of a stupa was taken in Darchen at the finish of a trek around Mt Kailash in Tibet.

In 2014 we performed the pilgrimage kora trek around Mt Kailash - known to the Tibetans as Kang Rinpoche, Holy Snow Mountain, in Western Tibet.

Mt Kailash is a solitary peak that has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years – a holy place for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and practitioners of the Bon religion that predates Buddhism in Tibet.

For Hindus it’s the abode of Shiva. For the ancients of central Asia, Mt Kailash was the Axis Mundi, the centre of the world.The region around Kailash is the source of four great rivers of Asia.

Stupas are reliquary buildings found throughout the Buddhist world that contain sacred objects and texts and sometimes the cremation ashes of high lamas. They are powerful symbols that remind you that you are in a place of spiritual significance.

This beautiful stupa was in Darchen, the town that is the start and finish of the four day Kailash kora.

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