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The variety of patterns on our kantha quilts never fails to delight.

I'm standing in the shop looking at our kantha quilts and I'm amazed, yet again, by the variety of colours and patterns. Let's take a look!

This glorious Apricot & Black Vintage Kantha Throw has floral & geometric black patterned borders and delicate tracings of flowers & stems in ivory against an apricot background. One of the loveliest Kantha throws we've ever seen. You can see all our kantha throws & quilts on this page.

Apricot & Black Vintage Kantha ThrowThis geometric pattern of triangles is on the Gold Flowers on Red Vintage Kantha Quilt. This has tighter kantha stitching and is from Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Kanthas are heavier and we describe them as quilts; the Kanthas from Rajasthan, like the Apricot & Black Vintage Kantha Throw above, are lighter weight, a little smaller and have looser stitching and we describe them as throws.

Gold Flowers on Red Reversible Vintage Kantha Quilt

I love the colours and patterns on this Rust, Mustard & Blue Leaves Kantha Quilt. The stitching is tight and the large multicoloured leaves look like they've been painted. Glorious autumn colours with a touch of summer blue.


These floral patterns are on the reverse side of the Blue Roses on Red Reversible Vintage Kantha Quilt. The print reminds me of the fabrics we had in England in the 1950's. The other side has beautiful large blue roses with golden yellow leaves.

Blue Roses on Red Reversible Vintage Kantha Quilt Of course all these Kanthas are upcycled from old saris and they are all reversible. The reverse side will have different colours and patterns. They are all unique.

Lilac, Rust & Gold Floral Vintage Kantha Quilt

For a semi abstract floral pattern this Red Floral Swirls Reversible Vintage Kantha Throw is hard to beat. Gold & red flowers merge into one another with strands of black branches occasionally breaking through the pattern.


Red Leaves Blue Flowers Vintage Kantha Quilt

This is another favourite! Partly because of the soft colours and also because of the simplicity of the small repeat pattern of a fern, subtly represented as a paler version of the background colour. Not only that, the soft gold flowers that rise out of reeds merge beautifully into the pale pink ferns.

Pale Salmon Fern Pattern Kantha Throw

The red swirling pattern on this Red Floral Swirls Reversible Vintage Kantha Throw is punctuated by large yellow daisy-like flowers. The natural world with its colourful leaves & flowers has always been an inspiration for the textiles of India. The swirling patterns suggest the movement, the life & energy of the forest,


We don't get many green Kanthas, this lovely green & gold Forest Green & Gold Vintage Kantha Throw from Rajasthan with its soft floral & geometric patterns is a treat.

You can see all our kantha throws & quilts on this page.


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