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Indian Furniture - Campaign Tables

It's no longer the days of the Raj but you get something of the flavour of that life with this wonderful Campaign Table. What does it mean, a campaign table? Simply, it's a piece of Indian furniture that you can easily fold away when you break camp, load the horses and move on to the next night's camp.

In this photograph it's shown with a vintage Repousse Ewer and Lassi cup. Lassi is a wonderful cooling drink made in India from buttermilk, either salty or sweet - or neither. It's even better with mango or banana! And, allegedly, with Bhang or cannabis. There are still a few place in India, including Jaiselmer, where you can legally buy Bhang lassi. Buyer beware!

And in this close up photo it's shown with a vintage Afghan Copper Jug that would be used by your host to wash your hands with clean water between courses. This lovely piece of Afghan copper is part of our collection from the seventies.

Campaign Table with Afghan Kettle

The inlay in camel bone and ebony coloured wood follows the patterns of chains of leaves and flowers that suggests it was possibly made in Kashmir.

Inlaid detail on Indian Campaign Table

Here the table is shown folded up and ready to go. A clever arrangement of hinges enables you to fold up the four sides and simple wooden catches release the top.

Indian Campaign Table folded away

Another piece of unusual Indian furniture is this Hexagonal Table in a dark reddish brown wood with arch shaped legs which may be better described as side panels. The arches have a definite Islamic styling to them and the whole table has decorative panels and medallions of embossed brass.

Hexagonal arched Table

This detailed photo also shows a ceramic bowl from Istalif, Afghanistan, too fragile for mail order but available from our shop in Sheffield.

Hexagonal Indian Table with Afghan Ceramic Bowl


Hexagonal Arched table detail

Opium addiction destroyed many a good man in the Raj, this Bedside Table is in the classic Opium Bed style with elegant curved legs - a style that you see all across south east Asia. If you like the shape of the legs take a look at our Opium Bed made from American Black Walnut.

White washed Opium Table

The big version has a white washed finish but we also love this Baby Opium Table in the rich brown of sheshamwood.

Opium Table with Baby

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