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364B Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP, Tel: 0114 267 8222
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Return to India - Stopover in Delhi

Arrived to a warm and humid Delhi for an overnight before an early morning flight to Leh Ladakh  - our favourite place in India - for a spot of trekking. 

Delhi hotels are too expensive, this time we’ve tried somewhere new, an old Art Deco place on the edge of Old Delhi called the Broadway. Ridiculously good value for Delhi and a superb restaurant. Wish we’d found this years ago.

Just down the road is the ruined remains of Feroz shah kotla, the third Delhi (Delhi is an ancient city and there have been seven Delhi’s built on the ruins of the previous). Busy with Shia Muslims relaxing and praying with flowers and candles at small shrines in caves built into the old mosque ruins. 

What’s interesting is an Ashoka column which the Muslim Feroz Shah brought to Delhi and placed on the top of a pyramid structure. Oh for the days of religious tolerance. Ashoka was India’s greatest king who lived over 2000 years ago, he ordered monolithic columns carved with Buddhist edicts to be erected over most of India. A few survive. 

The other reason to come here is to see the octagon stepwell but as expected it’s fenced off and almost impossible to see inside. Shame, I’ve seen old photos and it has an interesting internal structure surrounded by a low circular wall.

 Worshippers at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Ashoka edict column Delhi  

 Sanskrit engravings Ashoka column Delhi

Stepwell at Feroz Shah 

Tomorrow: Ladakh 

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