Sale Indian Cotton Printed Bedspreads

To make room for some new designs we've reduced some last ones to £50.

Be quick - there's usually just one of each. Here's a quick look through the patterns. Buy all Sale Bedspreads here.

Indigo Owls is a beautiful indigo blue double bedspread printed with owls sitting on elegant branches. I love the branches and frond like leaves.

Indigo Owls Indian Cotton Bedspread

Indigo Flowers bedspread is printed with stylised indigo flowers on a white background and finished with toning blue and white lines of Kantha stitching. The reverse side is white with lines of blue and white stitching.

Indigo Flowers Print Indian Kantha Bedspread

The Peach & Aqua Floral Indian Bedspread is a summery design with a profusion of large flowers in colours of peach & soft aqua green. Here's a glimpse of the pattern.

Peach & Aqua Floral Printed Cotton Bedspread

Floribunda is another summery bedspread with a profusion of flowers and leaves, mostly red, gold & green on a white background.

Floribunda Printed Indian Bedspread

There are two versions of the Floral Patchwork Bedspreads with pink & blue floral, abstract & striped panels; this is one of them.

Floral Patchwork Bedspreads

And this is a glimpse of the other. Buy all Sale Bedspreads here.

Pink & Blue Patchwork Indian Cotton Bedspread

Light Blue Indigo Trees has a repeat pattern on trees on a white background and lines of blue & white kantha stitching.

Light Blue Trees Pattern Indian Bedspread

The Indigo & Gold Bedspread is printed with a delicate gold tree motif.Indigo & Gold Indian Double Bedspread

There are two Ajrakh prints in the sale. Ajrakh is one of the oldest techniques for printing fabrics in India. Wooden blocks are used to create the patterns in a complex process that uses natural dyes and involves many stages.

Burnt Orange Ajrakh Printed Indian Bedspread.

Burnt Orange Ajrakh Printed Cotton Bedspread

Green Ajrakh Printed Indian Bedspread

Green Ajrakh Printed Bedspread

The Tree of Life Bedspread, has a spectacular printed image of the Tree of Life full of flowers and fruits - beautiful!  Like the others, it's the last one, once it's gone, it's gone!

Tree of Life Printed Indian Cotton Bedspread

See more photos and buy all Sale Bedspreads here.

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