Bring colour to dark nights with our Kantha quilts.

It's getting dark at night - bring some colour in and liven up your sofa with our Kantha quilts.

Our beautiful Kantha quilts bring instant colour, theyll liven up any sofa, chair or bed. Even better they're reversible - you get two for one!

The Ghostly Red Buddha image on the wall is one of photos from Lamayuru monastery in Ladakh, northern India. You see our photo collection from India and Tibet here. Prints start at £25.

Buddha photo and Kantha throw

So what makes Kanthas so special? The word Kantha refers to a style of running stitch typical of rural Bengal where village women recycle old saris to make quilts. Several layers of fabric are sewn together to create a new item. These days we call it  upcycling. What makes Kanthas so special is that each one is unique and each one has two, often quite different sides - a genuine two for one.

Kantha quilt on sofa

The fabrics in our Kanthas have been washed many times and have a lovely soft, gentle feel of vintage cotton. Part of the wonder of the quilts is they've all had a life. I think of them as unique works of art and if we had the space I'd fill the gallery with them hanging on the wall!

Patterned Kantha Quilt on sofa

The wonder of them is the range of fabric styles - it sometimes seems like you can see the history of Indian sari fashions in the fabrics that have been used in the Kanthas. Mostly they're 20 to 60 years old, different fabrics in a Kantha may be from different periods of time. Since the way they're made involves stitching different layers of fabric you can sometimes see faint traces of the fabric underneath giving a sense of layers of history.

Floral Kantha Quilt on sofa

If you go to our Kantha Quilt page you'll be able to see the full selection that we have at any time including floral patterns like the one above and geometric patterns like the one below. Kantha quilts are among the most popular items we sell so the selection is constantly changing. The sizes are included on the pages for each quilt. The ones in this blog are around £70-80. We also have a lighter weight style which we call a Kantha throw, they're also reversible, are slightly smaller and sell for around £45.

Geometric Kantha quilt

I hope you enjoy looking through the selection of our Kantha Quilts and Throws on our Bedding pages.

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