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Copper Water Pot - Product of the Week

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Walk through the streets of India or Nepal and you're bound to see copper water pots like these in everyday use though nowadays plastic jerry cans are becoming more popular.

indian black copper pot copper water pots in nepal

Progress and Clean Water

Houses in older districts and villages often don't have drinkable water - what do you do? You take your old copper pot and go to the well for your water. It's a part of life that's been unchanged for hundreds of years though, with modernisation, water is now being piped to more houses.

Interestingly, this has social consequences not all of which are welcome. For many women and girls - for it is they who will have to walk to the well - getting out of the house and mixing with other women at the well provided some freedom and a chance to socialise and gossip with other women, away from the men and the in-laws. Clean tap water is certainly progress but for some women and girls, especially in rural India, progress has come at a price.

stepwell, patan

Patan, a small town near Kathmandu, has been famous for it's skilled artisans for hundreds of years. The backstreets are full of small workshops, the sounds of hammering and smoke from metal castings are everywhere. If you want a new copper water vessel this is where you'll go. Copper is also used for making the Buddhas and Ganesh statues for which Patan is famous.

Water Pots in the UK!

Back here in the UK we can use these beautiful simple items just as decorative stand-alone vases or as containers for dried grasses. Since they're watertight you can also use them for flowers.

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