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What's in a name?

We have a new website and we hope you like it! In spring 2017 we opened our new store, the Silk Road Gallery, and we wanted a new site to match the name. Our previous site,, named after the shop we had many years ago, was getting old and slow, the new site with a fresh design is much faster. It's also much quicker for us to update the site with new products and blogs so keep tuned!

We're the same people, Peter and Kay, with the same ethos. If you knew the old site you'll find all your favourites here and you'll find it's much easier to navigate your way around.

In the travel photographs collection we have Peter's new photographs from Rajasthan featuring the architectural wonders known as stepwells and a new collection of photos from Ladakh and Zanskar.

In the gallery we have a new exhibition of photographs by director Peter Bennion. LITTLE TIBET: Photos from Ladakh and Zanskar, Buddhist enclaves in the high Himalayas of Northern India. 
Buddhism arrived there over 1000 years ago and the cultural similarity with neighbouring Tibet earned it the name Little Tibet. Until China annexed Tibet in 1950, Silk Road caravans came with salt and wool to be traded in Leh, Ladakh’s main town.
Over the last 14 years Peter and his partner Bev have walked many of the paths across Ladakh and Zanskar to remote monasteries and villages. The photos recall some of their encounters with people, monasteries and the extraordinary landscape.

Many thanks to Tom at for the new website. It was a painless experience! Thanks again, Tom.

Links to photos from LITTLE TIBET.

Karsha Monastery, Zanskar

The Zarlung Karpo La, Ladakh

Vajrasattva Statue, Lamayuru, Ladakh






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