Caring for your Indian cotton quilt

How do I clean my beautiful Indian cotton quilt?

Our printed cotton quilts are covered with soft lightweight cotton voile and filled with combed cotton fibres. You may be wondering how to wash them; we have been using these quilts at home for many years and we recommend you follow the guidelines below.

Red Tulips on Green Reversible Indian Cotton QuiltRed Tulips on Green Reversible Indian Cotton Quilt

In fact cleaning the quilts is very simple: we machine wash them on a gentle cool wash such as a wool or silk cycle or a low temperature delicates cycle, maximum 30 degrees. The fabric is delicate so wash your quilts separately, not in a mixed wash.

Dove Blue Lotus Pattern Indian Cotton QuiltDove Blue Lotus Pattern Reversible Indian Cotton Quilt

One note of caution is that some older washing machines may wash at a higher temperature than the stated setting. If you think this may be the case then there are alternatives.

Red & Olive Floral Indian Cotton QuiltRed & Olive Floral Indian Cotton Quilt

They can also be dry cleaned and this is recommended if you need to clean them frequently as the filling can clump up over time with repeated washing, or if you have difficulty drying them.

Green Lotus Indian Cotton QuiltGreen Lotus Quilt

What detergent should I use? We recommend a non-biological or Colour Care detergent.

Autumn Flowers Printed Indian Cotton Quilt Autumn Flowers Printed Indian Cotton Quilt 

You'll notice there may be some hand stitching along the centre seam. The fabric isn't as wide as the quilt so there is usually a centre seam. If you notice any stitches becoming loose after some time we recommend that you add a couple of stitches.

Golden Flowers Print Indian Quilted Bedspread
Golden Flowers Indian Cotton Quilt

We hope you enjoy your dual purpose quilt for many years - a wonderful extra layer of warmth in winter and the perfect lightweight summer quilt.

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