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Impress your guests with our traditional Indian wooden  kitchenware!

What better way to celebrate the return to hosting small soirées, than showing off your new cooking skills, developed during lockdown, and serving up your tasty treats on these beautifully crafted traditional items?

Even if your Chapati making skills leave a little to be desired your guests would soon overlook such things, and you would even be forgiven for serving up shop bought fayre if they were served on these delightful wooden chapati stands.

Carved Wooden Chapati Stands

You could take the donkey work out of the equation in the beverage department, by serving water in this blackened copper pot, which features a heavy duty ring attached to the neck. In the unlikely event that conversation runs dry, you could challenge your guests to come up with the reason for this ring, and then impress them with your knowledge - it was used to tie the pot to a donkey to bring water from the well!

A blackened copper vase that's an everyday water pot from India

And what better desert than some delicious biscuits made in these intricately carved wooden biscuit moulds? and even if you choose not to use them, they make a unique and interesting decoration, as does our Nethi, or butter churn to me and you.
Carved Wooden Biscuit Molds from Rajasthan
There's no need to go to all the trouble of churning your own butter to make your biscuits, your guests will be impressed by the unique beauty of this lovely carved wooden Nethi.
For those guests who prefer a healthier option - how about serving up some fresh fruit in our distinctive fish bowl, pictured in our featured image?
No matter what you choose to serve, it will be a truly memorable gathering to savour!

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