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Traditional water pots from India

We love these traditional Indian wooden water pots. We call them pots but they may be made from wood, metal or ceramic. Plastic is of course cheaper, more colourful and lighter - and more multipurpose - and is inevitably becoming more popular. But look around villages of India and Nepal and you'll see these lovely old pots standing in a corner waiting to be used for grain, or water.

These clay pots were photographed in the attic of an old house in Patan, Nepal, summer 2013.

Water Pots, Patan, Nepal

water pot, patan, nepal 2

We have Water Pots and Grain Pots that you can buy on this website, we love the simple shapes and decoration like the diagonal brass bands on these lovely old Wooden Grain Pots - which are now out of stock - sorry!
You can see the life they've had and the small repairs, lovingly executed. They make delightful vases or simple decorative objects around the house.

Old Wooden Grain Pot with Brass Hoops

Old Wooden Grain Pot with Brass Hoops

These Blackened Copper Water Pots are everyday items of great simplicity and beauty with subtle surface patterning around the top of the vessel and the neck. They have large hoops to the them to the donkey as you come back from the well.

Blackened Copper Water Pot

Blackened Copper Water Pot

Moving onto another material: Iron, this Vintage Iron Water Pot is a beautiful object, the riveted construction is clear to see and the patination and rust markings create wonderful surface texture. It may be a functional object but care has been given to include a geometric pattern of hammered work around the neck - traditional everyday objects in India always included some of the maker's decorative skills and treated with reverence.

Iron Water Pot


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