Kantha Scarves - the most popular items in our shop!

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It's time to introduce you to the most popular items in our shop!

Kantha scarves in vibrant reds

Our Kantha scarves are made from beautiful art silk sari materials with additional kantha stitching. They are reversible so you can drape them to see a flash of the reverse side - two scarves in one! Prices start from £25.


Kantha is a type of running stitch popular throughout India but especially in Bengal where these scarves originate. The tradition in the villages of Bengal is to upcycle old saris into scarves and bed quilts. We buy ours from a delightful family we met when sourcing items before we opened the Gallery and who continue to supply us regularly.


They are exquisite pieces of fabric that also make unique wallhangings, table runners and can look good along the back of a sofa.


The stitching can be in straight lines or in concentric circles. Patterned fabrics are usually reserved for the straight embroidery and plainer fabrics get the circle treatment.


Each one is unique. You can see them in more detail and order them in our textiles collection.


The circle embroidery is obviously more time consuming - the results are stunning! the overlay of the stitching threads against the vibrant fabrics produces a shimmering effect that resembles shot silk.

Kantha scarves with circular embroidery

The code numbers allow you to choose your order, see the selection in the textiles collection. Postage within the UK is only £1.95 - they make wonderful presents!


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