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Come with us on a quick trip to Gujarat, Orchha, Tibet and Ladakh!

We've been looking back through the photo archives for some hidden gems - let's start in Tibet.

The Dzong, or Fort, at Gyantse played an important role in 20th century Tibetan history. The Dzong was built in 1390 and looks down over the monastery and the wonderful Kumbum stupa. 
In the British invasion of Tibet in 1904, heavy weapons were used to attack the Dzong, the last bastion of Tibetan resistance. 
Gyantse is one of the loveliest towns in Tibet. The Dzong is a beautiful sight against a backdrop of hills. Photo of Gyantse Dzong.

Gyantse Dzong, Tibet

In 2019 we were able to get permits to Eastern Ladakh and drove through the beautiful landscape of the sparsely populated Changtang plateau. We travelled under a huge sky through low hills, meandering rivers and wetlands with black necked cranes and kyang, wild horses; the white peaks of the mountains of Tibet in the distance. A complete surprise was the number of Buddhist monasteries we encountered. This is a view of Nyoma monastery which is in the Drukpa school. 

Nyoma monastery, Ladakh

Still in Ladakh, but further west in the direction of Kashmir, this is the famous monastery at Lamayuru. Photo of Lamayuru.

Lamayuru monastery, Ladakh

The Indus river rises in Tibet and flows west through Ladakh but turns north just before it reaches Lamayuru. Along the Indus Valley and quite close to Lamayuru is the picturesque village and monasteries of Skurbuchan set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. Afternoon sunlight catches the prayer flags and white stupas set against the dark mountains. Photo of Sunlight on Stupas at Skurbuchan.

Stupas above Skurbuchan village, Ladakh

Let's leave the Himalaya and travel down to central India, the state of Madya Pradesh and the beautiful riverside town of Orchha. In the Royal Palace and fort  you can wander along balconies and corridors with views across the town. It's not busy with tourists but you won't be alone - there are dozens of monkeys and as always in India - avoid! Photo of pink Wall at Orchha Palace.

Pink wall at Orchha Palace

Photo of Jahangir Palace, Orchha.

Jahangir Palace, Orchha

Staying with the theme of buildings, I love this municipal building in Wadwhan, the delightful town adjacent to Surendranagar in Gujarat that I've mentioned in other blogs - it deserves a blog to itself! It's friendly place, the dusty streets ring with the hammering of brass water pots being made in tiny workshops and the colourful buildings are a joy. This building - I've called it the Om Star building - has the word Om in the centre of it's central crest.
Photo of Om Star Building.

Om Star Building, Wadwhan, Gujarat

There are other new images in the Photographs collection with more to be gradually added over the next few weeks - keep watching!

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