Palm Tree Bedspreads - Let's stay with summer!

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Too soon it's autumn - let's stay with summer with our new Palm Tree Indian Bedspreads!

24th September, a cold wet morning makes it clear that autumn is upon us and winter is coming. Covid is still with us and I'm wondering what to do to keep our spirits up in the coming winter. Some uplifting visual images around the house seem like a good idea as do these new bedspreads printed with palm trees.

Indigo Blue Palm Tree Bedspread

They remind me of a song from my childhood "Blue Bayou" by Roy Orbison. The lyrics don't mention palm trees but they're there in my imagination. Images of warm evenings and the sea shore - well, warm evenings may not be just around the corner but we can dream.

Staying with blue, this is a beautiful indigo version. Indigo is such a wonderful colour, both ancient and modern. Many decades ago before I ever became fascinated by Indian textiles I did a degree in Colour Chemistry - the Chemistry of Textile dyeing.
The intention was that we'd become industrial chemists but I was far more interested in natural dyes and the ancient methods of colouring fabrics using mineral and vegetable pigments like indigo. Travelling around Gujarat last winter I was delighted to see indigo growing wild at the side of the road.

Indigo Blue Palm Tree Bedspread

The reverse side of these bedspreads has simple lines of kantha stitching on plain cotton fabric, so turn it over and you have a different look - great when you want an instant change!

This soft slate blue version makes the most of a light summery style - I can almost guarantee you'll feel better with this on your bed.

Slate Blue Palm Tree Bedspread

They're all double bedspread size, a generous 225x260cm, which means they work perfectly on double and king size beds.
On a supering size bed they'll cover the top of the bed but you won't have much overhang down the sides, only about 20cm. Usually we'd turn the bedspread around the other way for a best fit on a superking bed but with this design the palm trees would be facing sideways!

Slate Blue Palm Tree Bedspread

And for the purists who like palm trees to have authentic green foliage - and for those discerning people who love the colour green - we have this colour way. Of course, green is a very restful colour and a great choice for a bedroom.

Green Palm Trees Indian Double Bedspread

Green Palm Trees Indian Double Bedspread

You can buy all these bedspreads, and many other designs on our Bedspreads pages.

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