Lockdown Gift Ideas for 2020 - Satin Ajrakh Scarves

Gujarat Indian Silks Scarf

Our new collection of Ajrakh printed satin scarves make great presents.

These scarves with a smooth satin finish are made from silk modal - not silk but a satin finished cellulose fabric similar to rayon made from tree pulp. They are finished with elegant tassels

Red Satin scarf

They are decorated with Ajrakh prints - an ancient printing technique found in the desert regions of Gujarat and Sind (in India and Pakistan) and made for us by a co-operative in the Indian town of Barmer, near the border with Sind, using traditional carved wooden printing blocks.

Red Satin Scarf

Ajrakh is a complex printing method that requires great skill to align the patterns. It's the oldest type of fabric printing found in this part of Asia - 5000 year old remnants of Ajrakh printed cotton have been found near Harappa in the ancient Indus valley civilisation in present day Sind. 

Red Satin Scarf

The traditional and most familiar colours in Ajrakh printing are indigo blue and red madder - as used in this scarf - and we sometimes have cotton bedspreads printed in these traditional colours. But other colours are used and we also have these Ajrakh scarves in a range of indigos, golds and earthier tones.

Nutmeg and Indigo Blue Satin Ajrakh Scarf

Nutmeg and blue satin scarf

Silver and Blue Satin Ajrakh Scarf

Silver and blue satin scarf

Red and nutmeg satin Ajrakh scarf

Red and nutmeg satin scarf

These scarves make great presents - they're exclusive to the Silk Road Gallery - and easy to post. Perfect for lockdown shopping on the run up to Christmas!

Blue Fish Scale Pattern Satin Ajrakh Scarf

Indigo Satin Scarf

Coffee and Gold Satin Ajrakh Scarf

Coffee and Gold Satin Scarf

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