Just in time for Winter - the Return of the Tibetan Blanket!

Lockdown disaster averted!

"Tibetan Yak Wool" blankets are among the most popular items in our shop but we sold out in early November 2020 and we faced a cold winter with no stock. Our Indian suppliers had closed their business and gone back to their villages on account of Covid.

Tibetan Yak Wool Blankets

You may be wondering why "Tibetan Yak Wool" is in inverted commas - well they're neither Tibetan nor Yak Wool. But whether you're in Kathmandu, Puskhar, Delhi or Leh that's what everyone calls them. That's even what they call them at the Womad festival.

Vibrant Red Tibetan Blankets

In fact they're acrylic and made in India but worry not, they're lightweight, warm, colourful and extremely comfortable - and comforting. And machine washable. So why are they called Tibetan? One possibility is that the stripes resemble the colourful striped aprons worn by Tibetan women.

Blue Violet Tibetan Blankets

Actually if they were Tibetan Yak Wool they'd be rough, heavy, expensive and hard to clean - and smell of smoke and yak butter. A smoky yak butter smell is great in Tibet but not necessarily what you want wrapped around you neck when you're sitting front of the fire getting nice and warm!

Cerise Tibetan Blankets 

Well, the good news is that we managed to get some from our incense supplier in Kathmandu, Nepal. He's sent us an assortment of colours that we've grouped into four most popular colour collections: blue violet, vibrant red, soft red and vibrant cerise. In the gallery you can choose from a few other colours.

Soft Red Tibetan Blankets

Why are they so popular? 
They're colourful;
they look great;
they're fantastic value;
they're soft, warm and lightweight; 
they keep you warm when you sit to meditate (they pack easily if you're going away on retreat) or want an extra layer when you're camping;
they can be an extra layer of warmth on your bed.

And they're great if you're socially distancing and sitting outside this winter!

Tibetan Blanket on a Chair

Enough said - buy them here.
Postage is £1.95 added at checkout. 
And here's the colourful incense from that came with the blankets. £4 per tube (postage £1.95) or a variety pack of 6 for £20 (postage £5).Tibetan Incense from Nepal

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  • Jen Coldwell on

    Hi Peter, I ordered a vivid red blanket yesterday, for a friend in Powys, and I’ve been wondering if you do gift cards. If so, I’d like a note to say “Saw this and thought of you. Much love, Jen”. But i’s not a problem if you don’t.
    All the best,

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