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For cool blue tones in the bedroom turn to our wonderful indigo Indian bedspreads.

The first Miles Davis album I bought was In a Silent Way, the almost hidden image of Miles against a dark blue background was the epitome of cool and reminiscent of the earlier album Kind of Blue.

Kind of Blue

No doubt about it, blue is the colour of cool. The ubiquitous indigo blue of denim jeans. So familiar, the same message across the world. Blue is cool. And of course indigo is one of the earliest colours used to dye textiles. Our beautiful indigo blue bedspreads come from Rajasthan and Gujarat where the indigo plant grows wild.

This Indigo Bird Print Bedspread from Rajasthan has the feel of the classic blue Chinese porcelain from the Yuan dynasty.

Indigo blue Bird print bedspread

Indigo Blue Bird Bedspread

Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, tranquility, serenity and spaciousness. 

This red madder and indigo printed bedspread is a fine example of Ajrakh printing. Ajrakh is a complex printing method using carved wooden printing blocks and involving almost 20 different stages. It's the oldest printing technique in India, remnants have been found in the Indus Valley sites at Harappa that date back to the Bronze Age. 

Indigo and madder bedspread

Indigo and madder bedspread

Ajrakh is one of the most complex printing methods and Icat one of the most complex weaving techniques in which the threads are tie dyed before weaving. This indigo blue cat design bedspread is a copy of a woven pattern, the slightly striated print resembles the effect obtained with icat weaving.

Indigo Icat Bedspread

Our cool blues are not just for bedspreads, these Blue Indigo Scarves show two different kinds of indigo blues - the more vibrant blue on the right opens the door onto some of our more vibrant blue bedspreads.

Indigo Blue Scarves

I love the vivid blue background on this Lapis Blue Printed Bedspread. It's £65 and a full double size, 230x260cm, that fits double, king or super king size beds. 

Lapis Blue Printed Bedspread

And here's a detail:

Lapis Blue Printed Bedspread

Razi is one of our Indian suppliers in Jaipur with a huge collection of silk fabrics from which he makes these glorious patchwork bedspreads.
As someone whose passion for the last forty something years has been the fabrics of India, I just love all the different fabrics he's used - the colours, the variety, the different prints and designs. He combines them into these patchworks with a very skilful eye - it's not as easy as you think! 

Vibrant blue silk patchwork kantha bedspread

Blue is the perfect colour for your bedroom. It contrasts and complements other shades and has a deeply calming effect from the palest dusky blues that can create a coastal feel to deep inky blues - like these below - that will cocoon you.

Vibrant blue silk kantha patchwork bedspread

We've called this one the Kingfisher Blue Silk Patch Bedspread but it also makes me think it's the perfect choice to bring Mediterranean blues into your bedroom - with the wonderful light of sunshine and sea.

Kingfisher blue silk patchwork bedspread

Kingfisher blue silk patchwork bedspread

You can buy some of these bedspreads, and many more, here on our Bedspreads, Quilts and Blankets page!

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    Fabulous colours, fabulous collection. Really after my heart 💗

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