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The benefits of using a meditation stool

A good posture, in which you're alert but relaxed, will aid your Meditation Practice. You can sit on a chair, on cushions or on a Meditation Stool. While cushions are often the preferred option, stools have the advantage of being neat and portable. Another good case for using stools is if you're having discomfort sitting cross legged and straddling the cushions hurts your hips. If that's the case then I recommend you try a stool. 

About our Meditation Stools

Our Mushroom Meditation Stool slots together and is compact for when you’re on the move, great if you're going on retreat. The curved base guarantees the perfect position. Our Classic folding meditation stool is strongly built, with the correct angle for a good posture. We make these Meditation Stools in our workshops in Sheffield from beautiful hardwoods, cherry and black American walnut. They're high quality stools with a smooth finish.

See both Meditation stools here.

mushroom meditation stoolfolding meditation stool

There are two important principles that you need to bear in mind in setting up a suitable posture for meditation - your posture has to allow you to relax and also to remain alert and aware. Both of these are vitally important.

If you’re uncomfortable you’ll not be able to meditate because of discomfort. If you can’t relax then you won’t be able to enjoy the meditation practice and, just as importantly, you won’t be able to let go of the underlying emotional conflicts that cause your physical tension. Show me more about Folding Meditation Stools and Mushroom Meditation Stools.

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