My Favourite Things - Tibetan Blankets

A throw for all seasons

There’s been a lot of interest in the so called “Tibetan blankets” in our gallery recently. The reason? The sun has come out, the weather is glorious and they make fabulous picnic blankets. You can sit on them or use them like a tablecloth to lay out your spread of outdoor summer food - no need to worry about spills or marks as they machine wash well.

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Tibetan Blankets
They also roll up into a small, light bundle that is easy to carry. When the sun goes down and temperatures cool they make wonderful soft, cosy, light weight wraps to wear round the campfire or at outdoor music evenings. They're a great way to liven up a chair. 

Cherry Red Tibetan BlanketAlthough these are most often sold as Tibetan yak wool in Nepal and India (where trades description is unheard of), these are actually made in India and are acrylic, which is why they wash easily. If they were yak wool they would be heavy, coarse, scratchy and very expensive! 

Russet Tibetan Blanket

Tibetan Blankets are sold in all the Himalayan trading towns from Lhasa to Kathmandu to Leh. Their name comes from the fact that the stripe design is based on traditional Tibetan fabrics woven on back-strap looms, an ancient technique dating back to East Asia in the bronze-iron age. 

Blue Violet Tibetan Blanket
The stripe frequency is reversed on the other side so one face is always much ‘plainer’ than the other, as illustrated below. We currently have twelve colourways in stock. When the seasons change they make a great extra throw on a bed. Buy them here!

Red Tibetan Blanket

Red Tibetan Blanket - Reverse Side


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