Not just smoke and mirrors, but truly magical

Carved Wooden Mirror Incense Indian Mirror Wooden Mirrors

Step into the Silk Road Gallery to experience a magical world

You will find the Silk Road Gallery tucked away in an ordinary looking building, on a quiet cobbled road, but when you open the door and step inside, it is if you have been transported to another land. Much like Alice, when she peers into the looking glass, a whole new adventure awaits you.

One of our favourite mirrors is this delightful carved mirror from India, which features delightful balconies, which are perfect to place small incense cones on, or small decorative items.

Indian Wooden Mirror with Five Jarokha Balconies
I love wandering around the gallery, gazing into the mirrors on display, and enjoy seeing the other beautiful items reflected within - a flash of a red silk scarf, or perhaps a beautiful blue bedspread, or even the serene face of the Buddha smiling back at me.


A rustic Indian wooden mirror with carved animals running around the frame.

When I am here, surrounded by these beautiful mirrors, it encourages me to slow down for a moment and reflect. By taking a moment to pause, I find myself being drawn in to the intricate carvings and details of each mirror, and I find myself once again transported to another time in another land, rather like opening this wardrobe door and stepping right into Narnia.

 A carved Indian wooden mirror in teak coloured timber that was orginally a wardrobe door.

I am amazed by how each mirror allows me a different perspective on the gallery, as each mirror reflects back a different angle, and can reveal aspects that I have perhaps overlooked in some of the other items on display. I love seeing fragments of other pieces or pictures as I gaze at the wall of mirrors, all of them perfectly reflecting their truth, whilst giving me the gift of a new perspective.

An unusual and very decorative canopied Indian mirror.

 And what greater companion to complete the atmosphere than the delicate, calming aroma of Sandalwood to once again transport you to another realm.

 Six tubes of different aromas of Tibetan incense

Or, perhaps you would prefer one of our favourites, the sweet aromatic scent of  White Lotus incense, to support Yoga and meditation practices. 

 Explore our variety of incense sticks

Tibetan incense in a maroon and yellow packet with a drawing of the Potala Palace.

Don't just take my word for it, come along to the Silk Road gallery and explore for yourself, or create your own magical sanctuary right there in your own home!



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