Red Silks from India

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Red symbolises happiness and good fortune.

Think of India and the colour you maybe think of is red. Hindu women get married in red, the tilak mark on the forehead is red vermilion. A girl’s arrival into her role as the married woman is symbolized by the red henna on her hands and a pinch of red powder on her head.
Red is the predominant coloured thread in this beautiful embroidery from Gujarat.

Red Embroidered Textile from Gujarat

This Red Madras check duvet cover, sadly no longer available, simply glows with redness!

Red Patch Duvet Cover

The promise of togetherness is sealed by the warmth and binding power of the red drape and red accessories. The bride’s first step into her new home is characterised by the ritual of dipping her feet in red water and walking bare feet on the floor of the house to symbolise the beginning of her new role.

Red Raw Silk Scarf Red Embroidery from Rajasthan

It is also a part of Indian custom to tie a long red string around the wrist of loved ones during prayer as a mark of protection. It is worn for a month till the thread wears off.

This beautiful red and natural raw silk bed runner - you could also use it as a throw or shawl - includes a wonderful earthy red weave.

Red Raw Silk Bed Runner Old Red Painted Ganesh

Red powder is often showered on deities at temples during prayer. Images are smeared with red vermilion paste. The coloured powder has become a hugely intrinsic part of Indian culture. No wonder red is a vibrant colour in many decorative textiles, even more vibrant under the strong Indian sun. In the villages of Gujarat red lacquered rolling pins are given as symbolic presents to a new wife.

Red Painted Rolling Pins

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