364B Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP, Tel: 0114 267 8222
364B Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP, Tel: 0114 267 8222
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Welcome to Bringing It All Back Home

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carved wooden buddha

Unique Crafts, Furniture and Furnishings from India and Beyond

This collection is your gateway to the exotic bazaars of India, Africa and The Orient. Here you can find that perfect hand carved wooden bed, a unique painted shrine or a beautiful silk wall-hanging. Possibly to become reminders of previous journeys, or decoration for your home. For more than 30 years we’ve been selling hand-made furnishings and furniture from around the world.

Over that time, and many travels, we have built relationships with local crafts-people, particularly in India where for several years we had beds made by a Bishnoi family in Jodhpur. The beds incorporated hand carved details: the designs  modern, but with Indian references.

The traditional tools and techniques used by the Indian woodworkers bring these designs to life and create unique beds with individual character.

Textiles: Quilts and Duvet Covers; Bed Runners, Wallhangings and Stoles

Although we’ve been influenced by changing trends over the years we’ve had a constant love of Indian textiles. Some fabrics are only available at the shop, but we offer a lovely range of silk and cotton bedding online, along with a collection of beautiful wall-hangings and silk prayer-flags. A constantly changing selection of stunning folk art from India and further-a-field is also made available to you here.

We offer an eclectic range of authentic pieces, from hand carved mirror frames to stunning Buddha statues in brass or stone.

Many of these pieces are unique and can’t be repeated. Over the years we have gained access to very special pieces: a stunning gilded brass Avalokiteshvara, a fine bronze statue of Krishna, a richly carved panel with eight depictions of Buddha…. Our selection is regularly updated as new discoveries are made.

Unique Hand Crafted Wooden Carvings

Search these pages for painted carved wooden shrines, a carved sandstone Buddha head, painted Tibetan door panels, Warli tribal paintings, woven silk prayer flags and hangings from Laos, carved wooden mirror frames, vases and boxes inlaid with camel bone, fiercely carved wooden masks from Nepal and Tibet, visionary drawings by Gond tribes-people from central India, Magar carved wooden figures from Nepal, carved wooden Ganesh statues and Khajuraho carved wooden panels, a fine old inlaid spinning wheel, stone Jain Buddhas, a finely painted Sarangi, an exquisite silver Vajrasattva statue, a carved wooden box from Mali, blackened copper pots, soft cotton bedding, a brass statue of Buddha with Mucalinda......

Meditation Stools

Along with importing the finest crafts from India, Africa and the Orient, we design and build beautiful Meditation Stools in our Sheffield workshop from hardwoods such as ash, oak, walnut, maple, beech and cherry.

If you have a Meditation Practise you'll probably sit on a chair, on cushions or on a Meditation Stool. Our mushroom meditation stool slots together and is compact for when you're on the move. The curved base guarantees the perfect position.

A beautifully made meditation stool. Width 35cm. Currently available in oak, walnut or ash. Our Classic Folding Meditation Stool, is strongly built with the correct angle for a good posture. Width 50cm.We now have a larger folding stool - same style as our Classic Folding Meditation Stool but slightly higher and wider and with a deeper seat - which is great for longer legs. Width 60cm

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