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Although peacocks generally prefer their own company, it seems that a number of them have decided to strut their stuff here at The Silk Road Gallery.

Some have made themselves at home amongst our wonderful collection of textiles, as you can see from these beautiful cushion covers. See all our cushions.

These lovely curtains from India would bring a touch of class to any home. They would be worthy accessories in royal palaces, outside of which, in the royal gardens, the territorial peacocks would guard passionately. See all our curtains

Voile Peacock Curtains

Peacock curtains

No room would be complete without some traditional art work, and what could be finer than this incredible Gond picture? See all our Gond paintings.

Gond Peacock Drawing

The Indian Peacock is the National Bird of India, and peacocks are often used in Indian mythology and folk stories, such as in this charming Gond folktale - The Story of the Peacock and the Owl...

Deep within the jungle, everyone was getting ready to cast their vote to decide who would be crowned King of the Jungle - would it be Ullu Owl, or More Peacock?

Now, in Indian tradition, owls are considered a little foolish, so More was decreed King, and would receive his ceremony and crown the following morning.

However, he completely lost track of time and took so long preening himself that he completely missed the coronation, and Ullu was crowned King.

But before we go any further, you may be wondering at the title, and congratulations to those who have worked it out!

A group of peacocks can be referred to as a party, an ostentation, derived from the Latin word, Ostend, which means to show, or, as the American author, Washington Irving, discovered, a muster. In his short story, "Christmas Day", he refers to making the error of calling a group of peacocks a flock, so was "gently corrected in my phraseology by Master Simon, who told me that, according to the most ancient and approved treatise on hunting, I must say a MUSTER of peacocks" he recounts. 

Peacock wall panel

Alexander The Great may well have loved this wonderful wall panel and impressive panelled wooden carving to adorn his chamber, as he was so taken by his first encounter with peacocks on the banks of the River Hyardotis, that he forbade anyone to harm or kill the birds. See our carved wooden peacocks.

Finely Carved Peacock Panel

Before I go, I would love to share my favourite fascinating peacock snippet. Now, I don't know anyone who would not want to have more time, or to be able to influence time at times, and our friends the peacocks can do just that!

According to Indian mythology, it is believed that the peacock was created from the feathers of a giant mythical bird called Garuda, who carries Vishnu, and the peacock inherited its beauty, fearlessness and power over time. As peacocks are able to eat snakes, which represent cyclical time, peacocks are considered by Hindu mystics to break through Earthly time, and they therefore represent fearlessness.

So, with this in mind, channel your inner peacock!


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