Sheffield Cafes Host Exhibitions of Silk Road Gallery Photos

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We have exhibitions of Peter's photographs in three Sheffield cafes.

February 2020 and the year got off to a great start with three Sheffield cafes hosting exhibitions of our photographs and a full page editorial in the Sheffield Telegraph. Feel Free to Share!

Dana Café in Crookes showed “Himalaya Portraits”, images taken in the Buddhist Himalayan regions of India, Nepal & Tibet. Some of the most beautiful images are intimate portraits of long time friends in Ladakh & Zanskar at the far northern tip of India.

Stanzin Chos has been our trekking guide for 13 years and the photo ‘Stanzin & Head Lama’ shows him with the Head Lama at Bardan monastery in Zanskar. They’re old friends from the same village and they’re catching up on each others’ lives, reading the Lama’s letters by the light of a small window in the lama’s room.

‘Stanzin & Head Lama’Stanzin & Head Lama, Zanskar

‘Tsering Dolkar’s In Laws’ is taken in Tsering’s kitchen in the village of Hanupatta in Ladakh. “We’ve known Tsering since 2008 when we camped in her field at the start of a trek to Zanskar. She had a new baby but her husband was in the army and wouldn’t see her for another 11 months. We were due to pass his army post at the end of our trek so Tsering gave us a letter & a bag of walnuts for him. We see her every few years – last summer she had a new baby, as tiny as the first one we saw those many years ago’. 

‘Tsering Dolkar’s In Laws’Tsering Dolkar's In Laws, Ladakh

Dana is a vegetarian café in Crookes run by members of the Buddhist centre in Walkley and often features exhibitions of Peter’s photographs. 

At Harland Cafe "Ancient Architecture of India" featured Buddhist monasteries of Zanskar and the huge underground stepwells built over the last 1000 years in the search for water in the dry semi desert of Rajasthan. 

'Karsha Monastery, Zanskar'
Karsha MOnastery, Zanskar

'Abhaneri Stepwell, Rajasthan'
Abhaneri Stepwell, Rajasthan

At Blue Moon, a popular vegetarian cafe in the centre of Sheffield near the Cathedral, had another selection of Stepwell Photos in budget Ikea frames selling at £60 for an A2 photo in a 50x70" frame.

Narnaul Stepwell, Rajasthan
Narnaul Stepwell, Rajasthan

The 6 February 2020 edition of the Sheffield Telegraph carried a full page feature on the exhibitions which you can see online here.

Here's a glimpse of some of the photos in these exhibitions.
'Himalaya Portraits' at Dana cafe
Himalaya Portraits at Dana cafe

'Ancient Architecture of India' at Harland cafe.
Ancient Architecture at Harland Cafe

Ancient Architecture at Harland Cafe

'Stepwells of Rajasthan' at Blue Moon.
Stepwells at Blue Moon cafe

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